Le Moulin des Jesuites Oil on Board. This is a lovely painting of a turn of the century winter scene in front of an historic mill in Quebec. The colours are vibrant and the figures have a naif folk art charm. The painting is signed and framed with a small plaque on the front which reads: "Le Moulin des Jesuites, between La Prairie and Chaughnawaga, Quebec". Not dated. Unknown artist. Both the painting and frame are in very good condition.
16 1/4? x 14 1/4?
About Moulin des Jesuites*
Founded in , the Trait-Carre de Charlesbourg in the province of Quebec represents the first attempt at colonization not centered on a great way of water. The historic Moulin des Jesuites (Mill of the Jesuits) was set up in on an ancestral plot of land of the Lefebvre family.
A traditional construction with attic windows, pinion and roof shingles. The building underwent an extensive renovation from - and now houses a museum and exhibitions on themes related to mills, old and new techniques. (Source: www.moulindesjesuites.org)
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