Six Antique Engravings of Paris and its Environs. This set of exquisite antique hand-tinted engravings are from the framed pages of the two-volume book, Paris and its Environs, published by Jennings and Chaplin, London, in and . The steel-cut engravings are based on watercolours of Parisian scenes by Augustus Charles Pugin.
Each delicately tinted engraving measures 4½ inches by 6¾ inches. Including the mat and frame, each piece measures 9¾ inches by 11¾ inches. Given that the engravings are 185 years old, they are extremely well preserved. The six scenes are: Interieur de St. Etienne du Mont.; L'Eglise de L'Oratoire; Eglise de St. Eustache; Porte D'entrée, Chateau de Vincennes; Interieur de Notre Dame; Porte St. Denis.
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